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Lead Clearing House provides more UK Sales Leads than any other UK lead generation network. We have a unique approach, delivering volume quality leads that convert better than any other online media channel. Our current monthly productivity is over 30,000 leads.

Leads are generated through our network of over 3000 affiliate websites, each of which is built specifically to our strict guidelines for the sole purpose of creating quality UK Sales Leads. All sites are quality controlled by qualified expert webmasters and are fully compliant with all current UK regulations. Lead delivery occurs within milliseconds of the customer clicking "submit" on the website, and the lead is yours and yours alone, for exclusive use both at the time of delivery and for unlimited future remarketing.

We do not operate call centres, cashback sites or use intrusive advertising - if we send you a lead the customer has made a genuine online application. If you have been stung by the "hot-key" and other similar worthless rubbish offered by our competitors, you'll know that buying leads is NOT all about the price. By all means deal with other cheaper lead acquisition channels, but if you have been struggling to see a return from your lead acquisition efforts to date please apply today using the form on the right side of this page. We CAN help.

Leads are delivered through our patented lead database technology in real time in either csv, txt, http post, or XML format.

Lead Clearing House CAN and WILL make a difference to your bottom line - Use the form on the right to apply today and we'll tell you how.

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